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Irresistible Candyfloss Machine Hire!

Candyfloss, also known as cotton candy, is a popular sweet treat enjoyed by people of all ages at circuses, fairs, and theme parks.

This sugary confection is made by spinning heated sugar at high speeds in our machine to create thin strands that are then collected on a stick for that fresh authentic taste.

Our candyfloss machine can be hired for any event including private birthday parties.

Candy Floss Machine

When was the last time you tasted fresh candyfloss?

Nothing beats the smell and taste of freshly made candyfloss. Our candyfloss expert comes along to your event and makes and serves fresh candyfloss.

We only use the most flavoursome sugars in our candyfloss to give your guests that authentic fresh taste.

Every child gets freshly made floss – on a stick!

We can also add the candyfloss machine onto any of our party packages or disco’s including the circus party 

Add Sweetness to Your Event: Indulge Your Guests with a Candyfloss Machine!

Suitable for all ages

Our Candyfloss is suitable for all ages - Young or just young at heart

Candyfloss Experts

We've been making cotton candy for years, we know exactly how to get the perfect flavour and shape every time.

High Quality

We only use the highest quality floss sugars for that original candyfloss taste and smell

Freshly made of a stick

Every guest gets their very own stick of candy floss freshly made in our machine

The history of candyfloss

The history of candyfloss dates back to the early 1900s when a dentist named William Morrison and a candy maker named John C. Wharton invented a machine that could spin sugar in 1897. They debuted their invention at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, and it was an instant hit.

Initially, candyfloss was considered a luxury treat that only the wealthy could afford due to the high cost of the machine and the sugar used. However, as the machines became more affordable and the popularity of the treat grew, it became a staple at fairs and carnivals around the world.

How is candyfloss made?

The process of making candyfloss is relatively simple. Sugar is heated to a liquid and then spun at high speeds using a cotton candy machine.

As the sugar spins, it solidifies and is collected on the sides of the spinning bowl, forming thin strands of sugar that are then wound onto a cone or stick.

Candyfloss comes in a variety of colours and flavours, including traditional vanilla pink and blue raspberry, as well as more unique flavours like bubble gum and sour apple.

The colours and flavours are achieved by adding special powdered food colouring and flavour extracts to the sugar mixture before it is spun.

Candyfloss machine hire

Candyfloss machine hire

Candyfloss machine