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Spectacular Circus Skills

Bring the mesmerizing world of circus skills straight to your next event!

 Children are fascinated by the enchanting feats performed under the big top, and of course, they want to themselves.

 So, we’ve curated an incredible lineup of circus-inspired activities to ignite their imagination and create everlasting memories.

Circus Skills at events or parties

Want to try some circus skills?

We have a large selection of circus skills equipment to try at your next event including:

want our circus skills at your next event?

Suitable for ages 4+

All of our equipment is suitable for children aged 4 and over.

Friendly Staff

Our staff are super friendly and DBS checked and always happy to help lend a hand or show you some new skills.

High Quality

We only use the highest quality circus grade equipment

Engaging Entertainment

Keep everyone entertained at your next event with plenty of different circus skills to try

hands-on circus skills

Unleash the thrill of the circus with our carefully crafted circus-themed workshops, where your guests will embark on an unforgettable journey into the realm of the circus learning new skills such as juggling, Plate spinning, balancing, and much more.

Our skilled and enthusiastic party entertainers will guide your little ones through the mesmerizing world of circus skills, ensuring non-stop excitement and laughter from start to finish.

Circus Setup

circus themed workshops

With our Circus Skill Workshops, hosted by Party Roo, your child and their guests will have the chance to master the arts of juggling, plate spinning, and even the diablos! Under the expert guidance of our talented instructors, their confidence will soar as they develop new skills, conquer challenges, and showcase their newfound talents to their amazed friends and family.

Non stop circus fun

Imagine the joy on their faces as they learn to toss and catch colourful juggling balls, carefully balance feathers and spinning plates, and gracefully navigate the stilts like seasoned performers. These invaluable experiences not only provide endless entertainment but also foster essential motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork. We also offer accessible circus workshops for children with S.E.N.D. (Special educational needs and disabilities) or additional needs – in fact anyone that needs an extra bit of help!

more fun extra hire options

We can also add lots of extras such as balloon modelling, candyfloss machine speaker hire and special effects machines – suitable for any indoor, or outdoor event.

We just love doing fates and festivals!

Whether you choose our all-inclusive circus-themed party packages or opt for our standalone Circus Skill Workshops, Party Roo promises an immersive and unforgettable circus experience for your child and their guests. Our family of party professionals are dedicated to ensuring that there’s something everyone to try and enjoy to leave leaving lasting memories and skills for years to come.

What are the circus skills?

Plate Spinning

Plate spinning is a skilled art that involves spinning specially made plates on sticks with precision. Guests can attempt to keep multiple plates spinning at the same time or have fun focusing on spinning one plate at a time to showcase their coordination and concentration. 


Manipulate the diablo’s spinning motion with the two sticks and string. eventually learning how to throw and catch the Diablo. We have different types to try for learning more advanced tricks.


A pedal go is an exciting and entertaining four-wheeled toy initially created as a training tool for mastering unicycling. Younger ones can even try this skilful and safe activity, making it one of our most popular circus skills with all age groups.

boy on a pedal go circus toy

Parachute play

Parachute play is a fun group activity that involves a large colourful parachute. Participants work together to create captivating movements and ripples with the parachute, fostering teamwork and coordination. This engaging and enjoyable game is perfect for building social connections and creating moments of shared laughter – Perfect for larger groups

children playing with parachute

Bucket Stilts

By placing their feet on the sturdy purpose-made buckets, children can experience the thrill of walking on stilts, promoting balance and coordination. Bucket stilts offer hours of active enjoyment for kids and are always a firm favourite.

children using bucket stilts